The right message, to the right patron, in the right moment, at the right touchpoint.

Anthony Panizzi, the father of FRBR.

Easily curate fresh, timely, local content across all of your library’s channels.

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Introducing BiblioOmni

Your library has a wealth of ways to communicate with patrons: digital signs, in-library kiosks, printed flyers and magazines, e-newsletters, and more.

BiblioOmni structures your library’s rich content (news posts, event listings, book lists, programming series, new title carousels and beyond) as modular “blocks” that can be mixed, matched and recombined across all of your channels, without copying, pasting and reformatting for each display, but with consistent presentation of the library’s brand and voice.

How it works

Card architecture + APIs = Omnichannel made attainable

BiblioOmni is a content distribution platform built on the card-based architecture that powers the BiblioWeb site-builder and gives it its flexible Create Once, Publish Anywhere capabilities. Card architecture treats the library content that is fed into BiblioOmni as a discrete, modular block, complete with visual assets and taxonomy terms. That block of content is stored in BiblioOmni until your marketing staff are ready to deploy it, and then it is automatically formatted for the destination channel, passed through to that channel’s APIs, and served up ready to use.

It’s modern marketing automation, but built for libraries’ needs and made affordable through SaaS. Your marketing team can have it this good!

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