Apps built for 2020, not 2010.


Apps should enrich, not replicate. It's time to offer more than the catalog on your phone.

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The app opportunity:
Bridging physical and digital.

Smartphones are no longer a luxury item, and apps aren't a magic bullet, but libraries need to expand the thinking on what a library app can and should do.

Apps are an amazing tool for deepening engagement with your power users (as we know, it's only power patrons that take the time to download library apps), and they complement the essential library services that you already offer through your catalog via the mobile browser.

Library mobile apps should take the tiny computer in your patron's pocket and use it to make the library branch feel bigger than ever. Imagine visually browsing a shelf that stretches across all of your system's branches, including what's already checked out. Or getting a notification that a book on your reading list is available at a nearby branch while you're at your favorite coffee shop.

We envision apps that go beyond your phone. We're working to make these visions a reality.

We're re-imagining apps from the ground up.

Not just making them prettier.


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