Tired of creating great RA content that nobody sees?

Actual footage* of an RA list being sucked into a black hole.  * Not.

Actual footage* of an RA list being sucked into a black hole.

* Not.

There's a better way.

The BiblioCore Discovery Layer includes a full suite of embedded RA tools. Embedded where your users are, in the catalog.

Visit us in the exhibit hall at ALA Annual, booth #3815, to learn more.


Easy to create.

Building a list is as easy as a keyword search, performed right in the catalog. No downloading book covers, cross-referencing for availability, looking up ISBNs or other tedious side tasks. These tools let you focus on content creation because RA stands for "Readers' Advisory" not "Reuploading Again."

Easy to discover.

Subject headings can't say it all. RA librarians know that readers can like the same book for different reasons. Your expertise makes all the difference. Keep your lists, comments and tags where your patrons will see them... in the catalog—and then share them out to social media or promote them on your website via widgets. It's all integrated automatically, no manual anything.

Easy to share.

Take your RA anywhere. Permanent URLs mean catalog searches, lists, comments and individual item records are shareable with just a link. Cover art collages optimized for social media make your Facebook RA and Twitter recommendations look as enticing as the reads themselves.

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