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Reunite formats with Grouped Search.

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Are your collections hiding?

Rather than display each record as its own title, Grouped Search brings together different formats of the same title into one listing, making it easier for users to find exactly what they're looking for.

Modelled on the FRBR framework, Grouped Search is designed to improve the search experience for users by displaying titles in logical groupings.

Manifestations within the groupings are sorted by both availability and publication date, which means that patrons can check out the latest titles sooner rather than later.


Let your catalog (and the hearts of your patrons) sing!

I love (LOVE!) that I can see all the formats for each title at the same time. As someone who is comfortable with different formats, I love that I can see all of them and their availability so that I can more easily pick my preferred format or the format that will be available the soonest. Well done!
— Edmonton Public Library Patron
As a disabled reader, I unequivocally approve of the new setup and hope it becomes the regular setup!! :) The *old* set up was so difficult because different versions of the same book were listed in entirely different places. I would sometimes accidentally put a hold on a regular print book when a large print would have been an option.
— Hennepin County Library Patron
Grouping titles, with all formats showing in one clump, makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for, see what your options are, and have a better sense of how many titles are really there for a given author search.
— Seattle Public Library Patron

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